Before we even start, let me talk, even if only quickly, about how “Back To The Wood” came about in the first place.

Since, you see, there is nothing extremely woody about my life. I have been working in the information technology for the most of my life – it’s been an interesting career, and it still is… It’s always been computers, software, and technology. If you wanted to know more about that site of my story, you are more than welcome to check out my Power Platform blog .

However, “Back To The Wood” is quite a bit different. On the one hand, it’s an experiment. I have always wanted to do something outside of the pure information technology, and, yet, something where I could make use of the skills I’ve acquired so far.

On the other hand, it’s an experiment powered by, well, some personal inclinations.

After all, why is it that wood work always brings about the feeling of warmth and coziness that is nowhere around when one is surrounded by concrete and plastic?

Is it our genetic memory that’s kicking in? Is it the nature of wood somehow? Well, it does not, really, matter.

What matters is that “Back To The Wood” has happened as a result of those two ideas coming together on one late November night.

I am not sure where does it go from here, but I can see a few possible directions:

  • There is going to be a web store
  • There is going to be a blog – you are reading it now
  • Hopefully, those who are much more skillful in wood working than I am are going to get involved through the blog and through the store so we could build a nice community here

And, to begin with, let me mention a few folks who were quite instrumental in getting this started (even if they might not be aware of this at the moment):

  • The main image came from where Joel & Jasmin Førestbird decided to share their work for everyone to use
  • I have never worked with Shopify before, so I’m setting everything up as I go. Which would have been a much more complicated job if I had not listened to the Shopify Essential Training course by Patrick Rauland

With all that said, the image bellow seems fitting:


(That mug above has already made it to our store, by the way: click here to see it)


This is where I’ll wrap this first post up. And, in the next one, we’ll talk about the plans, ideas, etc.